Not as you expected?

Sometimes things aren’t as you expect, sometimes things get damaged through no fault of ours or yours, and sometimes we might even make things which you don’t like!

This stuff does happen…

We will always be eternally grateful that you had the faith to send us some money in the belief that everything would be as you expected.

And, you know what, sometimes it will be because we are trying to ‘shake it up baby’ to do stuff differently, better. That will be the price we have to pay for challenging the ‘lizard brain’.


  • We promise we are trying to make it as good as we can
  • Sometimes we maybe push our suppliers too hard out of their comfort zones
  • Sometimes we make mistakes
  • Sometimes it will be nearly great – but not quite
  • We will never be scared to ‘shake it up baby’
  • And sometimes we have to face the fact that the postage guy really doesn’t care as much as we do


  • It will never be your fault
  • Don’t get stressed
  • We will never argue over this

If you are not 100% happy with what you have received, email David at and tell us what you would prefer; refund or a replacement. If you can give us some idea to the problem or even a picture of it, you will help us get it better next time.

We will still love you, and be thankful that you gave us a chance to correct it for you.


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