Show us what you’ve got…

We cannot produce books alone, we need the artists and they need their images, their outlet,  so we would love to see your  projects. We can only make so many great books each year, so we will have to be selective. It maybe worth considering the below points when submitting, but if you have another way then feel free to throw that at us too, we may just say yes!

  1. Read the site, get a flavour for the work we do, get our books in your hands for a while, ask around, follow us on Twitter… buy a book if you have to, do the research.
  2. Ask yourself if your work is in keeping with the above, we are more likely to be welcoming of an idea if it fits naturally with our ethos and goals.
  3. Ask yourself if what you are thinking and producing is standing out as different to the many thousands of other photographers out there producing great work.
  4. Pull together a few pages as a pdf that will show us your intent. A fairly complete body of work is easier to assess and be supportive of, than an idea which is yet to be photographed. Include a short statement about the work and what it means.
  5. If you have had critical acclaim, exhibitions, press, then let us know. Why would the picture editor of the Sunday Times, or similar, want to review your book idea?
  6. Think about what YOU can, and will do, to promote and sell the book. Most print runs are a minimum of 500 books, so where do the sales come from after your friends and family have bought it? Add your plans to the submission, it helps enormously in the assessment.
  7. We will endeavor to respond within a week or so, if we decide not to progress with the project we will respectfully tell you maybe that we aren’t the right company to do it justice or its not what we need right now. We do know, and appreciate, that this will not be what you wish to hear.

once you have done the above please go here to share your idea with us




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