We think it may be more informative for us to explain what we stand for and believe in, what helps shape our decisions, rather than list everything we do or have.

Our books will change and develop as the business does, but they will all grow from the same seeds that we have planted in our first release. We will avoid being formulaic and strive for the best we can do at that time. We are thrilled when we delight and surprise our friends who buy the books and we will always strive for that ‘something different’

We don’t have a history of publishing to restrict our thinking, we may do things which the old school guard won’t agree with. We are approaching this how we want to, influenced by what our friends tell us would be great. We will never be the largest publishers, but we don’t want to be either.

It is our aim to create beautiful photo art books, based in and around “landscape”

 The creators code

1. Find your love.

2. Spend your life working at it.

3. Trust your instincts.

4. Ignore doubters.

5. Chase the work, not the money. The money will come.

6. Use your ideas to push this world forward.

7. Don’t let your ideas down: Execute well.

8. Work with great people. They are not always the easiest.

9. There are no short cuts. Do the work.

10. Great coffee helps.

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