Seafever David Baker
Sea Fever - David BakerSea Fever - David BakerSea Fever - David BakerSea Fever - David BakerSea Fever - David BakerSea Fever - David Baker

David Baker, Sea Fever

5.00 out of 5
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Foreword by Pete Bridgwood

The Special edition of 50 Sea Fever books come with a signed limited edition A3 print

Sea Fever Special Edition with Print

November 2013

Book Specifications
Book Size: 420mm x 310mm
Pages: 38
Photo plates:24
Printing: Litho, Sublima screen
Cover: 300gsm Self cover, matt laminated
Inner pages: 170GSM with sealer


2 reviews for David Baker, Sea Fever

  1. Teresa Lopez-Arias
    5 out of 5


    David Baker’s book, Sea Fever, is just a pleasure for the eye. In a moment where it seems that every photograph needs to be supplied with a flow of words to “explain” it, as well as the author’s intentions about it, it is refreshing to discover a book of photography with so few words and so many meanings. We are literally overloaded of mediocre (to say the least) photographs easily dispatched as “artistic”. this marvellous book demonstrates that there are still photographers around, fully able to convey a wide range of emotions with the only aid of their technical ability and sensibility to look and put in their pictures their knowledge of the subject. I am very fond of clouds. This book mixes them with superb sensibility to a wonderful sea scenary, creating dramatic and poetic images. The land, where it appears, is wisely used to stress the power of the sea. How far these images are, indeed, from those perfectly lighted flat images of sea, landscape, sunset and clouds that many pursue. Baker’s photographs convey his love for the subject and a deep one for it. I got right away the book after seeing it at a friend’s house, as it hit me for its beauty. I believe Turner would have loved it. A word is in order to pray Triplekite for this beautifully simple and handy edition. The book’s size and its lightness enhance the pleasure to go through it over and over, something this book really deserves.

  2. Marie
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I will not make a new comment, as someone did it with the feelings and words I would have used.
    What a wonderful journey through the photos.

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