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William Neill – Photographer, a Retrospective

£49.50£195.00 £40.00£195.00

Released: Autumn 2017

ISBN: 978-0-957 6345-8-9

Release edition: Cover: Hardback cover printed directly with no dust jacket, matt laminated Pages:  TBC Plates: TBC Size: 280mm x 280mm

Pre-Release edition: Cover: cloth cover, foil blocked, set-in image:  approx 300 Plates: TBC Size: 280mm x 280mm

William Neill’s much-anticipated retrospective book  is now available to pre-order. All book ordered before the general release in the Autumn, will come with a limited edition cloth cover with foil embossing – this version of the book will only be available as a pre-order and will not be available once the book is on general release. We are also offering a limited edition slipcase version, plus special edition with one or two signed A3 prints.

All slipcased, limited and special edition books will only be available as pre-orders. 

Reasons to pre order

Name printed in the book

Collectors edition cover

Slipcases and special editions only available until pre order closure

20% Reduced pricing

Pre-order book only  £40 . (rrp £49.50)

Pre-order book with slipcase £57.50

 special edition william neill-retrospective

Special Edition with one print £160

In limited edition slipcase with signed A3 print by William Neill

Special Edition A – with ‘Rock, Tree and Waterfall’, Yosemite National Park, California

Special A Rock,-Tree-and-Waterfall,-Yosemite-National-Park,-California

Special Edition B - with ‘Morning Mist Rising’, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California

Special B-Morning-Mist-Rising,-Yosemite-Valley,-Yosemite-National-Park,-California

Special Edition with both print £195

Special Edition C - with both  ’Rock, Tree and Waterfall’, Yosemite National Park, California  &  ’Morning Mist Rising’, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California


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Book Description

Case Bound | 280mm x 280mm | 120 pages A retrospective of one of America’s leading landscape photographers


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