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  • Paul Kenny -Seaworks book

    Paul Kenny – Seaworks 1998-2013

    5.00 out of 5

    Case Bound | 270mm x 345mm | 160 pages

    Paul has for many years made studio works using material gathered from the landscape, stones, shells, and driftwood. In common with many people, always taking home treasures from the sea. For him, they act as an aide – memoir, bringing the landscape into the studio, a mere glimpse or touch recalling the feelings of being alone, being remote. Over many years Paul has been developing this project, this body of work, for the first time a full account of this ever developing art is being published in book form, Paul calls them Seaworks.

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  • Land|Sea landscapes volume 1

    Land|Sea – Volume I

    5.00 out of 5

    Soft Bound | 320mm x 240mm | 68 pages

    Land|sea is a periodical, published 3 times a year, featuring those landscape photographers out there who are doing their own thing – not following the crowds (both literally and metaphorically), producing work that is very much their own, very much ‘art’. Each edition features 5 photographers whose work ranges from classic landscape through to the experimental. They are bound by a love of what they do and a desire not to copy but to innovate. We wanted Land|Sea to be something special – something new. It’s the child of obsessive design, of people caring about getting it right and the desire to bring you something a little bit special. We’re immensely proud of Land|Sea.

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  • Dav Thomas With Trees

    Dav Thomas, With Trees

    5.00 out of 5

    Case Bound | 270mm x 345mm | 112 pages

    I think of Dav’s work like I think of red wine and coffee, it has layers. The first time you take a sip you get that familiarity, the warmth of something you know. Take a longer time and you start to discover the complexity the subtler tones and themes develop, each sampling is different but flow so beautifully together as you recognize the signature of the craftsman who created it. With Trees for me was an obvious book to create, the work itself cried out as a body with meaning, substance, it needed a display. David Breen – Triplekite

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  • Seafever David Baker

    David Baker, Sea Fever

    5.00 out of 5

    Soft Bound | 420mm x 310mm | 38 pages

    When I consider the decisions we took which led to emailing David Baker about creating his book, there is one word which keeps coming to my mind. David was on a roll with his work, he was receiving critical acclaim from many differing sources, none more than for his sea feverimages. As we listened to the chatter on twitter and at Masters of Vision exhibition it was very obvious that people loved the work. The imagery itself created an energy and as a body of work it showed itself as being richly deserving of the acclaim. As I held the finished book in my hands for the first time I truly believed we had delivered on our first thoughts, I did, and still do, think we created a book with ‘momentum’

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